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Words of Emotion


Fancy meeting you here. (at Nice, France)

It’s been a long time and meeting his eyes and waving at him doesn’t make you feel anything anymore. 

It’s when he stands behind you and you feel his eyes on your hair, at the back of your head, that you feel that inevitable pain of a pull. 

Sometimes you almost believe you still love him. Still ache for him.

Most of the time you simply let these thoughts fade away.

Never try convincing yourself that you were the one that got away.

There are days when you are convinced you’re okay, and there are also days that are unforgiving.


Jessika Goranson’s NYC home


Via  Lihi Hod 2013 Spring Bridal Collection




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Letter Production

Vi Nguyen from Gentleman Scholar, the production company from LA is band of like-minded storytellers and solution-driven artists, held together with advanced technical understanding with a big love to lettering. They sent us some of their very funny and amusing letterings to entertain you somehow.

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